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Simplify problem escalation and resolution

Reduce time and effort required to capture, approve and rectify defects and maintenance issues.

all-in-one digital solution for estate management.         

Manage all your workplace incidents on a single platform

Stay organised and collaborate with your team effectively

Create Incident Page at


Send feedback

Send feedback about a defect right from your mobile device. Add photos, videos and notes.



Keep track of all stages of work

Assign work directly from the app and a notification will be sent out. Track real-time progress. 



Keep everyone informed

A digital noticeboard will let everyone know what work is being done at the facility.

Inspect status_edited.png


Approve or reject work completed

Be alerted when something needs to be approved. Do it instantly and on-the-go.


Why use MaintainSimple?

Directly connect and collaborate

Keeping all conversations related to a project in one place makes collaboration easier, closing gaps in communication.

Seamless workflow

Track work from creation to completion.Get a holistic view of capacity and velocity.

Saves time & money

A fully integrated digital platform improves efficiency across teams, giving your users value faster.

Supercharge Productivity

Flexible issue tracking tool that helps teams plan, manage, 

and report on their work. Custom notification makes sure nothing gets missed.

Insights & analysis

The admin dashboard instantly aggregates and organises data and information. Filter information according to your needs and export reports for analysis

Simple & intuitive

Made for all levels of users and kept minimalistic, simple and intuitive.



Where can I use MaintainSimple?

It's made for use at residential buildings, offices, schools, medical centres, malls...

And just about anywhere where things might break down. Whether it's a pipe leak, faulty computers, broken glass or any facility upgrading work. A simple, intuitive platform anyone can use easily.

Who is it meant for?

For facility management teams, contractors...basically everyone.

  • Seamless end-to-end workflow tracking

  • Reduction in costs and time

  • Improves process efficiency

Can I use it with my phone?

MaintainSimple requires that your mobile device have the following minimum specs:


iPhone - iOS 14.0 or later

Android - v10.0 or later

Can I personalise the app with custom branding?


We can include your company's logo, facility images and database of facility locations and work categories. Contact us for a further discussion.

Do I need to remember yet another username and password?

Happy news! The app can be customised to work with your organisation's existing email credentials if your company's security policies and email allows it.


Or just sign in with your existing Google login so you don't need to remember yet another username and password.


Our Story

It started out as pro-bono work for one of Singapore's largest non-profit organisations. They operate 3 special education schools for the differently-abled.

In 2018, they approached us to help digitally transform their internal processes, starting with facilities maintenance management.

They were doing everything manually, leading to inefficiencies in productivity and costs. It was difficult to keep track of work statuses with staff using a variety of means to communicate with contractors. The solution they wanted had to be easy to deploy across all 3 centres, sharable, and simple to use but effective and intuitive.

Inspired by the positive response to our app solution, and with encouragement from their facilities team, we've developed the app for wider use.


That app is MaintainSimple.

Want to know more?

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